Toshiba Computer Repair

Toshiba is known for their laptops, desktops, tablets, and accessories. With a wide variety of devices to choose from, Toshiba will have something that fits your needs and budget.Even Toshiba computers will experience malfunctioning do to daily usage. If your Toshiba laptop is experiencing issues such as: unresponsive touchpad, screen going blank, slower overall performance, computer pop-ups, or other common issues, give iPhillyfixit a call. We have fixed these issues on multiple occasions and can diagnose your issue same day.

So if you are experiencing any of these issues, let iPhillyfixit and our expert technicians evaluate your problem, provide a solution, and get you up and running all without breaking the bank. We provide quick and affordable Toshiba computer repairs all while providing you with our unbeatable lifetime warranty. Contact us today and don’t let a malfunctioning Lenovo computer prevent you from getting your important work done!

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Common Computer Repair Types

Cracked Screen

The most common damage we see on computers are cracked screens. These are the easiest for us to fix, all with a quick repair turn around. Contact iPhillyfixit today for more information.

Software Issues

If your computer is running slow, or is taking forever to load up, you may be suffering from software issues. Contact iPhillyfixit so we can have the device running at its peak in no time.

Defective Battery

Having a bad battery on a computer can cause the device to die far sooner than it should and can turn it into a paper weight. There’s no need to buy a new device! Just Contact iPhillyfixit for your battery repair today.

Camera Issues

If opening your computer’s camera only produces a black screen, you may need a new camera.  Give iPhillyfixit a call today so we can diagnose the issue, and have it fixed in a quicker turnaround than mailing it out.

Water Damage

Accidents happen, you have fallen victim to a water damaged computer, give iPhillyfixit a call today to schedule a repair! We can evaluate the issues and find the best solutions moving forward.

Audio Problems

If you have checked all your settings and turned the volume all the way up but something still seems off, give us a call.  iPhillyfixit can update drivers, do a software update, or replace the hardware to make your computer produce sound again. Contact iPhillyfixit today.

About iPhillyfixit's Computer Service

Do you have a laptop that just isn’t functioning the way you need it to? A sluggish computer can hinder any productivity and can really affect your work. Whether you’re a college student trying to get a paper done, or a young professional giving a presentation in front of potential clients, don’t let a computer be the reason you can’t get it done. iPhillyfixit technicians can make sure your computer is running at tip top shape, and clear away any of the clutter that you may be experiencing. Give iPhillyfixit a call today and let us help you with any computer repair you may need!

You can trust iPhillyfixit

iPhillyfixit has the experience, professionalism, and parts to fix your computer and provide you with a hassle-free service, but if it is time to upgrade your device, we can purchase your gently used device, and get you setup with a certified pre-owned device based off of your needs, wants, and budget.

So what is this going to cost me?

We are very upfront about our cost for repairs.  You’ll know exactly what you are spending prior to any work being done on your device.

Repair Price
Screen Repairs $99 + Cost of Part
Hard Drive Replacements $99 + Cost of Part
Battery Replacements (call due to variations in models) Call
Hardware issues $99-$129 + Cost of Part
Software issues $99


a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively.

In order to fix your device we do require some form of payment.

Some people refer to money in different ways.  A few we have heard in our years:

  • bacon
  • benjamins
  • bones
  • cheese
  • dough
  • loot
  • nuggets
  • paper
  • scrilla
  • smackers

We accept all major credit cards and all forms of cash mentioned above.  Unfortunately…we can not accept the edible form of cheese or bacon as payment.

iPhillyfixit is here to help!

  • Same Day repairs on most models
  • Expert technicians with years of experience
  • Conveniently located
  • Only Premium Quality parts
  • Unbeatable Lifetime warranty
  • Free Estimates on all Smartphones
  • Mail in or Drop off Repairs Available