Macbook Pro Repair

Do you have an Apple computer and are experiencing issues with it? iPhillyfixit technicians specialize in all things Apple, and can fix any issue you throw at us. At iPhillyfixit we can fix the most common issues every day on Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, iMacs, Macbook Pro Retinas, and Mac Pros. Give us a call today and let’s get your device repaired and up and running in no time!

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Apple Computer Water Damage Repair

Spill something on your Apple Computer Laptop or Desktop? Don’t worry! Liquid damage is one of the many ways in which your computer can be damaged, however frequently it can be easily diagnosed.  If you are afraid your Apple Computer received water damage, bring it in to us as soon as you can so we can stop any of the damage that has been done. Our technicians specialize in water damaged devices and we can evaluate your situation to figure out your best option.

Macbook Pro Screen Repair

The Macbook Pro is a beautiful laptop, but it still has its fair share of problems. Using your Macbook Pro daily will eventually lead to certain issues down the line. Issues that we have seen include, but are not limited to: hard drive failures, slow start up times, batteries dying faster than usual, trackpad malfunctions, unresponsive keyboard buttons, or software issues. Whichever problem you may be experiencing with your Macbook Pro, you can rely on iPhillyfixit and our technicians to provide you with a fast and affordable Macbook Pro repair service.

Free iPhone Battery Test

We are able to test any Apple devices battery for free! If you think your battery is towards the end of its life, and are only get a few hours of usage, come in for a free test. It only takes a few seconds and can show you exactly how bad (or good) your battery is!

You can trust iPhillyfixit

iPhillyfixit has the experience, professionalism, and parts to fix your Apple Macbook Pro and provide you with a hassle-free service, but if it is time to upgrade your device, we can purchase your gently used device, and get you setup with a certified pre-owned device based off of your needs, wants, and budget.

So what is this going to cost me?

Due to the wide variety of Macbook Pro repairs, we want to make sure you have the exact quote for your repair. Please give us a call or email us at with your serial number and the issue you are experiencing.

Repair Description Price
Screen Repair Description $89
Screen Repair Description $89
Screen Repair Description $89
Screen Repair Description $89
Screen Repair Description $89


a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively.

In order to fix your device we do require some form of payment.

Some people refer to money in different ways.  A few we have heard in our years:

  • bacon
  • benjamins
  • bones
  • cheese
  • dough
  • loot
  • nuggets
  • paper
  • scrilla
  • smackers

We accept all major credit cards and all forms of cash mentioned above.  Unfortunately…we can not accept the edible form of cheese or bacon as payment.

Repairs we see most often:

  • Mac that won’t turn on
  • Mac that won’t start up
  • Mac with a flashing question mark
  • grey screen at startup
  • Mac won’t shut down
  • frozen Mac
  • the Spinning Beach ball
  • Mac is running slowly
  • WiFi is slow or not working
  • Bluetooth isn’t working
  • MacBook is not charging

iPhillyfixit is here to help!

  • Same Day repairs on most models
  • Expert technicians with years of experience
  • Conveniently located
  • Only Premium Quality parts
  • Unbeatable Lifetime warranty
  • Free Estimates on all Smartphones
  • Mail in or Drop off Repairs Available