Corey Bates - Owner

My name is Corey Bates and I am the Owner of iPhillyfixit! I started selling devices on eBay in 2011, eventually becoming one of the few top rated sellers on eBay in the country for phone sales. Selling phones spilled into repairing them for friends and family, which led to our first store opening in 2014. We are now on our second location and plan on opening more in the future!

We strive to make everybody happy and will repair anything that walks into our locations. A fun fact about me is that I am 6’6” and can’t dunk a basketball! Don’t ask me why, because I do not know! In other words, I don’t have enough spare time to be working on my vertical as I am busy repairing my client’s devices. 🙂 

Ricardo Martir

My name is Ricardo Martir and I am the Top-level manager of iPhillyfixit! I started repairing electronics around 8 years old. This led to me fixing all of my family and friends devices. Being so interested in electronics, it only made sense to follow my dream.

I have run multiple companies, one being a complete refurbishing factory that would break down old electronics and scrap them for money.  A fun fact about me is that I am Puerto Rican and Speak both English and Spanish!

Nick Pizzi

Hi, my name is Nick Pizzi, and I am the manager of iPhillyfixit in Drexel Hill. Ever since I can remember I have had an interest in technology. It started with taking electronics apart, that included anything from computers to old TV’s.

Tinkering with electronics lead me to an internship through my school. I started helping an organization refurbish computers, and other electronics for schools and hospitals. Now I am a full time employee of iPhillyfixit. A fun fact about me is that I took two college courses when I was twelve and passed.

Chandler Jenkins

Hello, my name is Chandler Jenkins and I am the lead technician at iPhillyfixit. I work at both locations throughout the week, and go to school full time. Growing up, I was a relatively tech-minded kid.

Thanks to this, I have accumulated years of experience tinkering with and resolving all types of tech related problems. A fun fact about me is although I fix devices for a living, I didn’t get my first cell phone until 2017!